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01 January 2011

Support Polaris Academy for Gifted Education

EDIT:  At a recent meeting, the only feedback they got was the name of the school really ought to change due to the connotations with a popular science-fiction series.  I have changed the blog post to reflect this.

Just doing a favour for someone doing something that I think is very worthwhile.  As a matter of fact, to me, education is probably one of the most noble endeavours mankind can undertake (as long as that education adheres to reality and facts, but that's another story).  Sadly, many policy makers seem to take a much too shortsighted view on this.  And although there are many very good things about the state of New Hampshire, one of the things that is glaringly absent is the attention to education the truly exceptional.  I just recently joined a group on Facebook that is looking to change that.

Polaris Academy for Gifted Education

Please consider joining them, and lending whatever support you can.  From their page:
Currently in NH there is no mandate or funding for gifted and talented education. We are excited to announce that a new charter elementary school for gifted and talented students is under development. In order for NH Department of Education to consider this application, they have to see that there is a need for this school. We are seeking NH residents interested in supporting a school dedicated to this unique and diverse community of children. The charter application will be submitted on Monday Jan 3, 2011, but we need your help. Parents and others, who are interested in supporting a school of this type are asked to email Tia Fogarty at with your name, address and contact information. Thank you for your support!
Another way to support this is to  contact the Department of Education in NH:
Roberta Tenney
101 Pleasant Street
Concord, New Hampshire 03301-3860

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