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04 January 2012

Morality (Good without gods) Part 1

One of the most puzzling questions I get as an atheist is where I get morality from.  As if the only place to get morality from is an external force, or a dusty old tome.  Again, it has been shown that morality is a societally developed construct, and ancient forms of morality no longer apply to the modern world.  Neuro-scientists have known this for a long time, and some are even arguing that we need to pay closer attention to the neuro-science of morality as opposed to the legislative aspect.

Again, QualiaSoup, in his very British style has a series of videos on this subject (in 3 parts).  Here is part 1:

Keep in mind, in the near future, he may condense this all into one video. I think this was produced when YouTube had a 10 minute limit.

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