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19 January 2012

Newt is an Arrogant, Lying Sack of Shit

So the giant Jabba the Hutt blob of butter with a fat head that is campaigning under the name of Newt is an arrogant, lying sack of shit...  However, we already knew that.  Why am I so pissed?  Not because he said particularly insensitive stuff on Martin Luther King day, or anything like that.  But he said some particularly egregious lies about food stamps and poor people, and made them sound like lazy people who are just too damn dumb to know how to fill out a job application or even find one to fill out.

Why does this have me mad?  As reports:
more than $31 million worth of food stamps were used at commissaries nationwide in 2008 – an increase of about $6.2 million, or more than 25 percent – from the $24.8 million redeemed in 2007. That contrasts with a 13 percent overall increase in food stamp use by Americans for the same period,
Okay, now that may sound like some sort of increase that validates his claims that President Obama has somehow put all these people on food stamps, and that he is responsible for these great increases (and keep in mind, this isn't the totally the amount spent by the active duty folks on foodstamps, which numbered 2100 in 2003, the last time they surveyed).  Again, that's not quite right:

In 2000, there were slightly more than 17 million Americans on food stamps, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a Washington-based think tank focused on issues impacting low-income Americas.
By 2005, the number had increased to nearly 26 million while a government report issued earlier this year found that more than 32 million people are on food stamps. 
Under Bush, the increase was about 9 Million people.  And then the increase during the latter half of Bush, and then Obama, we have a total of a 6 Million people increase.  Even if ALL of those were blamed on Obama, last I checked, 6 is less than 9... How can President Obama be responsible for putting more people on Food Stamps than any other president, when he clearly isn't?  Oh yeah, sanctimonious, bullshit pandering logic that gets you a standing ovation from braindead hicks... What I would like to do is find a military member on food stamps, and have this guy get into Newt's face and ask him exactly how he can "own the fucking job he already has"?  Especially one that has himself not served, and seems to be totally out of touch with the intelligent and hard working Americans that think he is a pompous ass, which should be everyone...  Of course, that's just my opinion.


Mehfooz Ahmed said...

Yes he is! and u explained it well.

Jeremy D. Schram said...

Child labor Really. The IRS would be all over that kid selling donuts LOL