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03 January 2012

Testing the New Blogger Interface

I have used the older interface for the blogger system for quite a while now.  I found it easy to use, intuitive, and clean.  Everything was placed in an easy to use area, it was tightly grouped for accessibility, and didn't use too many fancy scripts to run the page.  Well, for the longest time, I have been trying to use the old way of blogging to somehow automatically publish to my Google+ account.  Heck, Facebook had a way of letting me automatically publish a blog post to my profile there, and it was easy.  So anyway, I just wanted to complain that Blogger/Google+ took something that should be easy, and forced their users to adopt things that they may not want.  Forcing someone to do something is generally not considered a good public relations practice.

Anyway, just wanted to bitch and moan about it...  And test to see if this actually works the way it's advertised to...

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