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09 January 2012

Putting faith in its place

This is another QuiliaSoup video, on faith.  Not necessarily the faith of religion, but the dictionary faith of accepting something just because someone says so.  You know, that NON-critical thinking thing. Again, understand the differentiation of what he's addressing, yet also see how it applies to many things you may hold dear.  It's not an attack on those things, but rather an invitation for you to examine those things.  I'm sure you have at one time or another in your life been told something is one way, only to discover upon further contemplation and examination, that it's actually not that way at all.  Santa Claus, tooth fairies, easter bunnies, and the like spring to mind?  Maybe you also initially accepted that homeopathy worked, only later to figure out that it's full of shit (literally if water does have memory, right?).

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